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Welcome to Shalynn's Hope

Our mission is to prevent, educate, and promote awareness of substance abuse in our communities and to provide support to those who have been affected by addiction.

Shalynn Brooke Conner was a beautiful young lady whose smile could light up a room. Growing up, she loved life and couldn't wait to see what the world had in store for her in the future! Shalynn had a zest for life that showed in everything she did. At a young age she began singing at church, local events and talent shows. Her love for music carried through to school where she sang in concerts and participated in marching band playing the clarinet. Shalynn always loved high school where she participated in many activities such as the school play, cheerleading and Spanish Club. She was accepted into her college of choice and was planning to move to school in the fall of 2013.

Shalynn was a daughter that any parent would be proud of! She was a one of a kind, fun-loving kid who loved her family, as she would say... to the moon and back! Although she enjoyed hanging out with her friends, many weekends she could be found staying at her Grandma Long's house or spending time at home with her mom, step-father and her brother. She was independent, knew what she wanted in life and had dreams of getting married and having a beautiful family.

All of those plans changed when she started hanging out with a different group of people just a few short months before her high school graduation. By the time she graduated in 2013, she was already experimenting with marijuana. Within months her drug use had escalated and she withdrew from college. This was the beginning of a four year addiction that she struggled with every day. Shalynn didn't want to be an addict, she wanted to walk away from her addiction and go back to the life that she loved so much before drugs. She worked hard every day to beat the chains of addiction. Shalynn completed inpatient treatment and came home to start a new life. She wanted to share her story and hopefully discourage others from trying drugs in the first place. Unfortunately, the grip of addiction wouldn't let her go and she relapsed. Shalynn lost her battle with addiction to an accidental heroin overdose on Oct. 14, 2017.

Shalynn will forever be remembered as the sweet young girl who always had a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye. Shalynn's life on earth ended way too soon and she will forever be missed. Through Shalynn's Hope, her wish to help others will be carried out in her memory.