Families Anonymous Meetings held on the first and third Wednesday of every month at 7:00 P.M.  

About Us

Stacy Welch, President

Stacy Welch started Shalynn's Hope, Inc. after she lost her daughter Shalynn to an accidental heroin overdose on Oct. 14, 2017. Shalynn struggled with drug addiction for four years. During these four years, Stacy spent her time helping her daughter fight addiction by finding her help at treatment centers, attending meetings with her and supporting her throughout her recovery. Since Shalynn passed away, the support from her community has been incredible. Through Shalynn's Hope, Stacy will be able to give back to her community and the surrounding area by educating the public about substance abuse through public forums, school assemblies and public events. She will also be able to help those in the community and surrounding areas who struggle with addiction. Stacy graduated in May 2018 from Eastern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Art in General Studies and a minor in Family and Consumer Science. Stacy has worked as an Office Manager for Allen Engineering Corporation since 2004. She is married to Jeremy Welch and they have a 19 year-old son Logan.

Daniel Allen, Vice President

Daniel Allen is the President and founder of Allen Engineering Corporation with over 30 years of experience in the consulting engineering business. He is licensed to practice engineering in 15 states in the Midwest and southeastern United States. He is a professional member of the National Society of Professional Engineers, Illinois Society of Professional Engineers and the Structural Engineers Association of Illinois. He will be available to provide valuable guidance and advice in all aspects of the business operations of Shalynn's Hope, Inc. Dan's 14 year association with Stacy Welch as the office manager of Allen Engineering allowed him to become familiar her daughter, Shalynn, and watch her grow into a beautiful young woman with a bright future ahead. The devastating loss of Shalynn was the motivating factor that encouraged him to help Stacy and become a volunteer in the fight against the Opioid Crisis.

Shelley Myers, Secretary/Treasurer

Shelley Myers is the Human Resource Manager at Swan Surfaces, (a Division of American Bath Group), in Centralia, Illinois where she has been employed since 2014. Shelley obtained her Associate of Applied Science Degree in Business at Kaskaskia College in 2012. Shelley has experienced first-hand the devastation that this disease can have on a family. As Shalynn's Aunt, she was involved in the family support system that surrounded Shalynn during her addiction and recovery. Shelley is passionate about drug abuse prevention and believes that education is a big step in fighting the epidemic. Shelley has been married to Tom Myers for 35 years and has two sons, Ryan and Tyler, along with their wives Brooke and Lauren, and two grandsons, Huck and Dru

Linda Scribner, Director

Linda Scribner is a registered nurse, employed by OSF Healthcare Heart of Mary Medical Center, in Urbana, IL, since January of 2010. She is also currently working toward her Master's in Nursing at Western Governor's University. Linda's passion is assisting patients along their health journey to recover from an illness or surgery with the best possible outcome, or sometimes to assist with comfort and dignity at the end of life. Linda puts her whole heart into her work, especially when caring for a patient with a drug or alcohol addiction. Her passion for her work increased immensely when in 2014, her fifth child, Jordan, succumbed to his heroin addiction at the age of 20, with an overdose. Awareness of drug addiction struggles and treatments is a daily topic, with the goal of lowering the death rate and increasing successful recovery. Linda has been married to Tony Scribner for 35 years and they have six children: Adam, Elizabeth, Jacob, Joshua, Jordan, and Hannah, and presently three grandchildren: Makenna, Benjamin, and Emmalyn.

Janice Fogerson, Director

Janice Fogerson has taught 6th grade Literature and Composition in Tuscola for 22 years. She loves kids and strives to teach her students tolerance and acceptance of others. She knows the importance of building a child's self-esteem and confidence during the often difficult adolescent years and with the help of Literature, tries to help her students deal with pressures they may receive from their peers as they grow up. Janice is a close friend of Shalynn's family and witnessed, on a personal level, the need for, as well as the benefits of, programs that educate those with a substance abuse disorder on drug awareness and coping skills in order to stay clean. She hopes that her involvement with Shalynn's Hope, Inc. will allow her to help those who struggle with addiction as well as their families.

Kate Watson, Director

Kate Watson has served as State's Attorney and lead law enforcement official of Douglas County, Illinois, since 2016. Kate has over 22 years of prosecutorial experience handling felony cases focused on sexual assault, domestic violence, juvenile delinquencies and drug offenses. Kate prioritizes law enforcement productivity and crime prevention through strong partnerships in the communities she serves. Combating the deadly opioid crisis has become a top priority in Kate's tenure as the heartbreak of addiction and overdoses continues to increase across the nation. Kate believes that sometimes a loss can have a positive impact on a community. Though Shalynn was here only a short while, her memory and infectious laughter will last a lifetime. She will not be forgotten. Kate lives in Tuscola, Illinois, with her husband and has four children.